Construction of the T8 tram

Client: Seine-Saint-Denis Departement


The T8 tram line was designed to facilitate suburb-to-suburb travel in Seine-Saint-Denis. The project has resulted in significant construction work in a very densely populated environment, affecting neighbourhoods already impacted by other urban operations such as restructuring and rehabilitation projects.


The main challenge was to ensure that the ambitions of the project were understood and to link it with the other urban projects surrounding it. It was also a matter of demonstrating that these suburbs (often overlooked) are the theatre of dynamic development. At the same time, the worksite communication aimed to guide and inform the general public about the construction of the 8.5-kilometre project between the commune of Epinay-sur-Seine and Saint-Denis (with a branch leading to Villetaneuse).

Main services performed

• Implementation of the annual communication plan, coordination and follow-up of the project
• Adaptation of the existing identity guidelines (produced by the creative agency) and the use of communication tools
• Writing, graphic design and production:
– editing tools: project log, flash info-works, leaflets, teaching brochures, posters
– information on site: panels, totem, banners
– digital tools: redesign and management of the website, content for social networks
• Organization of local events: site visits, welding of the first rail
• Printing, manufacturing, distribution






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