Communication from the Urban Renewal Program (PRU)

Client: Vitry-le-François


Since 2005, Vitry-le-François and its community of municipalities have committed, together with ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renewal), to an urban renewal programme that aims to transform the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods of the town in a sustainable way and to improve the living conditions of their inhabitants.
Accurate and easy to understand information is essential to this project: informing and involving the different target groups are indeed the key to garnering support for the renewal programme. The social dimension is also central. On one hand the major projects are opportunities to promote integration by creating jobs. On the other, the various groups working to deliver the programme to local inhabitants had to be brought together to work as a real team.


From 2012 to 2015, Sennse designed and supported the implementation of the communication and consultation strategy:
• creation of a graphic identity: logo, ID guidelines
• annual communication and consultation plans
• design, drafting and production of materials to promote the project, educational programmes and construction phase.
• design and production of the on-site communication tools (construction site walls) new buildings (permanent information panels, temporary exhibitions)
• development and implementation of a strategy and action plan specific to job creation: incentive scheme for companies, specific events, organization of meetings, film promoting the scheme, etc.
• methodological and operational support for those in charge of local urban management (consultation, analysis, diagnosis, recommendations)
• implementation of actions for residents (urban walks, public meetings and printed information tools)

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